Laurel Budapest reopens on 18 June, and we are looking forward to greeting the lovers of fine gastronomy again in our restaurant. For the reopening our Head Chef, Ádám Mede has designed an innovative and bold summer menu called Ensō. The six-course summer menu consists of fish courses exclusively. For Ádám it has always been important to show our guests that various types of high-quality local fish can be used in many ways in all seasons. We use the freshest ingredients possible: fresh fish is delivered on a weekly basis to our restaurant. Our summer menu, Ensō puts three local fish varieties in the highlight: sturgeon, Akasztó carp and pike perch – with the addition of langoustine as an international touch on the menu.

And why Ensō? For the creation of this seasonal menu we have been inspired by the Japanese concept ensō – a circle drawn with one or two uninterrupted brushstrokes symbolizing the mystical moment of enlightenment and the freedom of the mind. For us ensō embodies various things. On the one hand, it symbolizes the fact that since last April we have completed the cycle of the four seasons for the first time. On the other hand, this symbol represents our constant pursuit of perfection: we are dedicated to offer the best gastronomical experience possible even after the reopening. The inspiration of our summer menu has been presented visually again by Orsi Farkas (Indra Contemporary Fine Art) on her painting designed exclusively for our restaurant.

In agreement with ensō, the inspiration of our summer menu, this time our Head Chef uses Asian ingredients more dominantly in the courses, achieving a perfect harmony with the base local ingredients. Our pastry chef, Zsuzsi Ötvös has designed the desserts following the same concept: local, seasonal fruits and local ingredients preserved during the lockdown are complemented with Asian ingredients: matcha, nori and miso.

Fresh, bold, and innovative – this is Ensō.

From the 12th of February Laurel Budapest is looking forward to welcoming you with a really special experience. We will bring you the best restaurant illusion of the COVID-19 period. Nothing is what it seams and everything happens with the strictest adherence to the governmental regulations, in maximum safety. Let us enchant you!

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