Laurel Budapest presents:

Csopaki Resti by Laurel

The joy of cuisine at Csopak Railway Station by Ádám Mede & Bence Karácsony.

Degustation Menu

6 course menu: 17.500 HUF
Wine pairing: 12.000 HUF
Service charge: 15%

Please bear in mind that our menu contains crabs and seashells, gluten, soya, lactose, milk protein and nuts. We serve a fixed tasting menu which is not variable due to the finite capacity of our kitchen.

degusztációs menü, top étterem
top étterem Budapest, fine dining Budapest


Sourdough bread, Smoked butter

Trout, Kohlrabi, Granny Smith

Baked cabbage, Xo, Plum jam

Rooster ramen

Pork trotter stew, Borsod mixed pickles, Flat bread
Mushroom stew, Borsod mixed pickles, Flat bread

Strawberry, Chamomile, Cream cheese

Opening hours

Friday 19:00
Saturday 13:00 és 19:00
Sunday 13:00


Csopak, 8229
Kossuth u. 1.

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