Fine dining restaurant Budapest

Tasting menu

There are two tasting menus available – one of them is completely vegan. Both menus include the same number of courses.

Tasting menu (available for dinner only): 48 500 HUF

Wine pairing: 34 000 HUF

Service charge: 15%

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Laurel Budapest fine dining etterem harcsapaprikas

Chef menu


Sourdough bread, Smoked butter, Pickled vegetables

Trout, Butternut squash, Summer savory

Tomato, Watermelon, Strawberry

Brioche, Mangalitsa neck, Aged cheese from Szuhavölgy

Rooster broth, Derelye

Catfish stew

Rack of lamb, Spinach, Chanterelle

Honey, Semolina, Sea buckthorn

Lard puff pastry, Black garlic, Plum


Vegan menu


Sourdough bread, Olive oil, Pickled vegetables

Butternut squash, Peach, Spicy green pepper

Tomato, Watermelon, Strawberry

Brioche, Zacusca, Gremolata

Sauerkraut soup, Green apple, Tarragon

Yellow beetroot, Sea buckthorn, Red kosho

King oyster mushroom, White onion, Walnut

Chamomile, Apricot, Ginger

Madagascan dark chocolate, Cherry, Bay leaf


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Important information before arriving at Laurel

How we handle food intolerance in Laurel fine dining restaurant?

In case of milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance our kitchen only offers the vegan menu, whereas if you’re looking for a gluten free option, we can serve you a slightly shortened and modified choices of dishes. Please be noted that our dishes are prepared in the same kitchen area, that’s why accidentally they might, even under the greatest care, contain some allergen particles.

How to prepare to visit our restaurant?

Please make sure you arrive on time to help us to provide the best of the services.

Is there a dresscode?

Athough we are a fine dining restaurant, there is no dress code in our restaurant; comfort and customer satisfaction are our primary concerns.

Would you like to surprise someone with a fine dining experience in Laurel restaurant?

If you decide to buy a voucher of Laurel, please contact us at .