Young, Wild & Free

Laurel Budapest

The Laurel Budapest is a modern and creative restaurant characterised by the respect of Hungarian culinary traditions that are combined with French technologies and the fusion of international, particularly Asian cuisine. After welcoming you at the entrance, we take you through every step of the culinary experience including the materials we use, technologies we apply, selection of wine, and bringing all this to your table. All is done in a friendly atmosphere in the restaurant with special décor which can be reached through Babérliget bookshop.


​We welcome you with a seasonally new tasting menu.

Menu: 38.500​ HUF
Wine pairing: 21.000 HUF
Champagne and wine pairing: 26.000 HUF
Service 15%

Make sure you indicate your special requests concerning your allergies to enjoy a full dinner experience with us.


Water buffalo, Peanut, Sudachi kosho

Pike perch, Blue mussels, Celery
Sweetbread, Jerusalem artichoke, Verjus
Sourdough bread, Smoked butter

Rooster ramen

Catfish stew

Mangalica chuck, Tartary buckwheat, Miso
Sea buckthorn, Semolina, Honey
Cocoa beans, Sour cherry, Smoke
Tempura, Finger lime, Ponzu
Celeriac, Pear, Caperberries
Cabbage noodles
Sourdough bread, Olive oil
Onion soup, Artichoke

Sushi rice, Strawberry, Green chili

Chanterelle, Oyster mushroom, Flatbread
Pear, Seaweed, Green tea
Chestnut, Sesame, Plum

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