Wide range of nearly 200 wines

Winebar by Laurel

Nearly two hundred types of different wines, mainly emphasizing wineries from the Carpathian Basin. Furmint, Welschriesling. Kadarka, Blue-Frankish.
Anchovy, trout. Beef skewer, pig feet stew. Dynamic environment, energetic atmosphere, laurel grove mood. Winebar by Laurel.



Wine snack

Sourdough bread
700,- HUF

Cottage cheese, Duck rillette, Egg spread
1.900,- HUF

Olive selection
1.300,- HUF

Homemade smoked duck breast
1.700,- HUF

Mangalica ham
1.900,- HUF

San Daniele Prosciutto (16 months)
2.500,- HUF

Cheese selection
3.300,- HUF

Cold dish

Trout ceviche
2.700,- HUF

Zucchini salad, Sheep’s cheese, Sumac, Raisins
1.900,- HUF

Warm dish

Fried anchovy, Aioli, Seaweed
2.300,- HUF

Grilled padron pepper
1.300,- HUF

Pork trotter stew , Flatbread
2.600,- HUF


Banana, caramel, hazelnut
2.100,- HUF

Matcha, kumquat, cream cheese
2.100,- HUF


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