Our new seasonal tasting menu focuses on wild game meat: pheasant, deer, venison, wild duck, and rabbit. Our Head Chef, Ádám Mede showcases his more progressive, experimental side again in his new seasonal tasting menu. Surprising flavour combinations, bold and vigorous acidity, Asian fusional elements, dynamism are presented on his plates. Our guests can also find more classical Hungarian dishes (e.g. Vadas) in a reinterpreted form on this new menu. Our pastry chef, Zsuzsa Ötvös also uses more unusual, Asian fusional ingredients boldly in her desserts closing the Autumn menu: black garlic, miso, umeboshi. In this way, “wild” gains a second meaning by the end of the degustation.

Our chef has also adapted the Chef menu containing our signature dishes to the Autumn season. This degustation menu continues to reflect Ádám Mede’s commitment to top quality local ingredients, meat (beef short rib, quail, pheasant) and fish (sturgeon, trout). Dishes recalling childhood memories (e.g. catfish stew, flatbread, honey layer cake) are presented in a playful and surprising way.

Our fully plant based vegan menu has also been renewed so that it could reflect the richness of Autumn nature and harvest season. Bold acidity, exciting Asian ingredients, unusual flavour combinations make this degustation menu memorable.

Our Saturday lunch menu has also been compiled using our new dishes, so it is well worth paying a visit to our fine dining restaurant even at lunch time.