Dear Friends,

As we near the final month of the year, Laurel’s calendar remains packed with a variety of exciting events and programs. Let us show you what we have planned:

New winter menu

As the weather changes, so does our menu, and starting from November 30th, the flavours of late autumn and early winter will appear on our plates. Our spring and summer menus were inspired by seasonal local ingredients and Hungarian culinary traditions, and this will continue to be the case.

Traditionally, the consumption of offal and certain ‘exterior’ cuts was characteristic of the cuisine of the less affluent for centuries. However, nowadays, they offer a myriad of new tastes and textures for the gourmet audience, not to mention the opportunity to use the whole ingredient ‘from nose to tail’ without waste. Our team at Laurel kitchen thinks similarly, which is why on our new menu you can try dishes like fried pig’s ear with parsley oil mayonnaise, veal foot chips with confit garlic cream, or boiled veal tongue with egg cream.

Laurel Budapest, fine dining étterem, téli menüsor

Fried pig’s ear snack

We’ve retained one of our signature dishes, the catfish stew, which has been a favourite of our guests since our opening. In addition, you’ll encounter several other well-known dishes from Hungarian cuisine, such as blood-pudding, that we serve on French toast, topped with Hungarian truffle and Balaton cheese from the Vászolyi Cheese Manufactory, or the venison loin from Öreglak served with noodles.

Laurel Budapest, fine dining étterem, téli menüsor

Catfish stew

Of course, our vegan menu also undergoes seasonal changes, where you can find vegetables used ‘from root to stem’, such as Jerusalem artichoke, which we refill into its own crispy skin along with caramelized onion purée. Similarly, with celery, you will encounter it both as a purée and as a stuffing, and from its unused parts, we cook celery water at a low temperature for 12 hours.

Laurel Budapest, fine dining étterem, téli menüsor

Celery dish

We hope that our winter menu will also meet with your approval, for which you can make reservations starting from November 30th!

Pop-up cake shop with Zsuzsi Ötvös

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without Zsuzsi’s cakes, so this year, for one last time on December 6th, we will reopen our pop-up Cake Shop above Laurel Restaurant, in the Babérliget Bookstore. The selection will tune us into the festive spirit with every flavour, featuring a few winter classics with the usual Zsuzsi twist, and as last time, there will also be vegan desserts, such as our emblematic brioche sandwich, which you can now try in a sweet version for the first time.

If you’re curious about our selection or would like to pre-order some items right away, you can do so here.

Laurel Budapest, fine dining étterem, téli menüsor, sütibolt

Laurel XMAS Box

Christmas isn’t complete without a Laurel gift box, which, alongside a dinner voucher for two, includes a bottle of Laurel Budapest Extra Brut sparkling wine (0.375 l), homemade zakuska, Laurel biscuits, and a jar of homemade granola. 

Laurel Budapest, fine dining étterem, téli menüsor, karácsonyi ajándékdoboz

Laurel’s New Year’s Eve Champagne Dinner

This year, you have the opportunity to spend the last day of the year with us, where we will accompany our soon-to-be-updated winter menu with a specially curated Champagne pairing for the occasion. The dinner price includes a ten-course dining experience, the Champagne pairing, water, and service charge.

We hope to see you soon!

The Laurel Team