Dear Friends,

Did you know that fine dining might be the safest way of having fun during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Of course you can only go 100% if you stay at home until the vaccine is available. However if you don’t want to than you might just search for the most fun and the least risk. We are working hard to welcome you with an unforgettable fine dining experience even during these hard times. We pay utmost attention to your and our staff’s health to let you not stay at home if that is your choice.

Why we are safer compared to other choices:

  • you might not have known that 700 m3 of fresh air is pumped into our restaurant hourly by our ventilation system
  • we only allow up to 22 guests per day in our restaurant’s main area, which is much less than in a usual restaurant
  • companies of 6-12 are welcome to our private dining room with its own ventilation system
  • our colleagues are with utmost respect to each other and to our dear guests, so we measure our body temperature daily and in case of any sign of illness we rather stay at home
  • we wear our masks all the time
  • we have hand sanitizers at many points of our restaurant
  • you can expect that other guests will respect you and will follow our recommendations.

We would like to kindly ask you to:

  • book a table and support us by showing faith in our team
  • have fun and relax
  • reschedule you booking if you feel the smallest sign of illness
  • be on time so you can avoid meeting other guests at our reception
  • wear your mask and use hand sanitizer when entering the restaurant and cooperate with scanning your body temperature
  • wear your mask any time you leave your table.

Can’t wait to see you in our fine dining restaurant!