From the 12th of February you can book again at our restaurant, because Laurel is welcoming guests anew from Friday to Sunday between 13:00 and 15:00.

It really sounds interesting, doesn’t it? First, you have to make an appointment, then come to our restaurant to pick up your take-away menu. Although eating at a restaurant is temporarily only an illusion, we are dedicated to make this Illusion as perfect as possible. Our colleagues are happy to finish and plate the dishes for you – something similar to the already widespread „Private Chef in your home” service. What makes Illusion still much different? The idea that we are not going to your place but to a nearby private flat provided by our cooperating partner. The studio is right next door to us, is furnished and equipped for this special purpose, and rented to you for the duration of the dinner. (The rental fee is included in the prices listed!)

We wouldn’t like to reveal all the details, we leave some of them for surprise. Let’s meet very soon and see how you appreciate the illusion, the success of our enchantment. To access the menu, please click here.