Originally, we scheduled the debut of our new Spring menu on 1 April, but we had to cancel this event due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic unfortunately. Instead, we offer a special degustation menu called Silentium that you can enjoy at your home. In this way, we can still celebrate together the magical moments of the finest gastronomy even during the temporary closure of Laurel Budapest.

Our Silentium menu is designed for two persons and it is basically a gift we offer to those who purchase a 15.000 HUF special voucher. You can redeem the voucher after our re-opening, the only thing you have to do after the purchase: give us a date and time and we will deliver Silentium and will hopefully see you as soon as possible at Laurel as well. We aim to show our gratitude for your loyalty in case you choose to support us and our employees in these difficult times.

Our Head Chef Ádám Mede and his team has worked a lot to design a degustation menu that you can enjoy even at your home during the period of self isolation. Naturally, there is no compromise in the quality of the ingredients we use. However, this time we need your help to finish your own dinner at your home following the detailed instructions of our chef (appr. 10-15 minutes). In this way, you can enjoy your dinner at perfect temperature and in perfect texture. We hope that you will enjoy this unusual all-night long interactive dining experience.

In the menu, we have included the favourites of our regular guest – although in a slightly modified version: our smoked butter, smoked trout from Tahitótfalu, beef short rib from Balatonfenyves and malt textures as dessert.

The dining experience is completed with the wine pairing of our Head Sommelier Péter Tüü. Péter’s special wine pairing can be purchased together with the voucher. However, he also makes suggestions for those who prefer to select wines from their home stock.

Further details about “Silentium” are available here: