Tokaj or Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region is the first closed wine region of the world since 1737, where the beautiful settlement of Mád is located.

On an early Saturday morning, we set off with excitement and hurry with the Laurel Budapest restaurant team, as we were lucky enough to work with one of the finest wineries on the “Mád-Furmint Days”.

The mission of the Juliet Victor winery, the “crown of Tokaj”, is to create an internationally recognized wine selection and to redefine the image of Hungarian wines with such selection.

An exceptionally high-quality winery, stunning scenery and nice people. A warm welcome with great coffee, smiling faces everywhere, buzzing energy. This is how they expected us, the team of Laurel Budapest fine dining restaurant.

The winery asked us to match the well-known and high-quality wines – familiar in the Laurel Budapest Wine Bar as well – with our high-end food.

Laurel restaurant chef Ádám Mede and our award-winning sommelier colleague Péter Tüü have actively collaborated to create a phenomenal taste composition in which both food and wine are mutually exclusive.

The greatness of our dishes lies in their simplicity and yet, in their details. We were striving for the same combination in the Laurel Budapest Wine Bar menu as well. The sourdough rye bread, oxtail, nectarine, cheddar cheese, Padron pepper, leavened cucumber, thai soy sauce and passion fruit flavors are all inspired by the wines. However, a classic, but of course carefully crafted cheese selection could not be missing from the palette.

A day filled with culinary delights was closed by Lilla Szepesi, a young singer. The music stage set up in the winery’s garden has grown into a dance party, where the succulent wines and delicious food have already established a good mood.

Besides working, we had some time to look around the event, so we could gain insight into the flavors of Mád. For the event, locals showcased their homemade marmalades, craft beers, and chimney cakes. At Laurel Restaurant, we work with local flavors, so wherever we go, we strive to get to know the local specialties everywhere, thus moving closer to our goal of being one of the best places to eat in Budapest. Occasionally, our chef Adam Mede prefers to incorporate new ingredients and flavors into his dishes.

Thank you Juliet Victor Winery for inviting Laurel Budapest restaurant to support the event’s food offering and for the opportunity to be part of a great event.

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