Constant learning and the search for new inspirations are essential for the kitchen staff of Laurel Budapest fine dining restaurant. This time our pastry chef, Zsuzsanna Ötvös attended Jordi Bordas’s four-day pastry masterclass in Viladecáns near Barcelona at the beginning of October.

Jordi Bordas Spanish master pastry chef and World Pastry Champion (Lyon, 2011) has developed the so-called “B-Concept Method.” The innovative method focuses on the maximization of pure flavour experience in recipe development, which also results in the creation of lighter and healthier (even gluten and lactose free or vegan) desserts. In practice, for example, from the recipe of the classical chocolate mousse he eliminates all the “additional” ingredients (milk, cream, egg yolks) that are only responsible for the mousse texture, but supress the pure flavour of the quality chocolate used at the same time. Instead, he introduces water, fats with neutral taste and other natural additives mostly new to the field of pastry to ensure the perfect texture, while the pure flavour of the main ingredient is still retained.

At the four-day masterclass Jordi provided the nine participants from all over the world (the Netherlands, Hongkong, Germany, Sweden etc.) with both theoretical and practical knowledge. He presented the theoretical background of recipe development according to the B-Concept Method, the physical and chemical characteristics of the main ingredients he uses and by the end of day four, the participants composed six complex entremets under Jordi’s guidance.

As for all of the best restaurants in Budapest, for Laurel Budapest the high quality service of guests with any kind of food intolerance or special diet is extremely important. This is why we offer our six-course vegan tasting menu, which is almost unique among the top 10 restaurants in Budapest. At this masterclass, our pastry chef could find new inspiration for the creation of lactose and gluten free, or even vegan desserts to improve this line at Laurel Budapest fine dining restaurant and wine bar.

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Besides offering a degustation menu and being a fine dining restaurant based on culinary experience, Laurel Budapest is also a relaxed wine and tapas bar which provides its guests a nationwide one-of-a-kind wine vault system.

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